Final Pool Construction Steps

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Article by: Jeff Bogdanof of Vineyard Pools in Clovis, California




After deck work is installed these next important steps will need to be fulfilled by customer to avoid delays or problems

  1. Homeowner satisfies all “Barrier Codes” required – Door alarms, pool fence, gates, etc.
  2. Vineyard Pools finishes final electrical and pool equipment installations
  3. Final Inspection scheduled – Adult must be home during final inspection day to meet inspector
  4. All payments/addendums are paid in full except final payment – required to apply pool finish
  5. Pool finish installed – quartz and pebble may require 2 days to install
  6. We will promptly begin filling process by putting one hose in deep-end of pool
  7. Do not interrupt pool fill – usually 2-3 day fill depending on pool size
  8. Homeowner responsible to stop fill at center point of skimmer level, or half-way part of waterline tile
  9. Once pool is filled, customer must contact Vineyard Pools so we can start filter pump ASAP
  10. We will start filter pump to run on higher speed for 24 hours per day for first week
  11. Typical pump run time = 1 to 2 hours (cleaner) higher speed, 6 to 12 hours low filter speed
  12. Homeowner is responsible for brushing pool - Pole and brush provided in startup equipment
  14. Walls, steps, floor of pool – every part of the finish needs strong brushing
  15. Brushing twice per day ideal, once per day okay – more is better
  16. Pool sweep installed during 2nd week – wheeled cleaners may leave marks in plaster if not brushed
  17. Recommended that pool is not used by anyone until water is balanced around week 2 roughly
  18. First week water balance = Adjust calcium, alkalinity, pH, and conditioner readings
  19. Second week and beyond = Continue water balance adjustments and maintain chlorine sanitizer levels
  20. Do not add salt until 30 days after fill. Do not turn on heaters until all plaster dust is gone – 3 weeks typically
  21. A Vineyard Pools representative will meet with homeowner to go over pool orientation during first weeks of startup
  22. Pool care requires: Water balance, consistent chlorination, pool filtration, debris removal, brushing, and filter cleanings


National Plaster Council - Startup Recommendations 


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